Providence Food Scene

This blog may be dormant for over a year, but I haven't and neither has the Providence food scene.

We've seen the closing of Nero's Restaurant Oak, and it reopen as the very good Cooke and Brown Publick House. New Rivers has expanded, the owners of Citron turned that into a Burger bar named Luxe, and then opened another slider bar named Harry's.

And that's just 3 locations in the city proper. There are still a lot of restaurants in this city with incredible and diverse cuisines dying to be sampled by me and whoever chooses to go with me.

One of my coworkers (at my day job) and I both appreciate food and frequently discuss where we've eaten, what we've had, and what we've cooked. In the spirit of that conversation, I'm going to eschew the guideline I have been using in trying to have 2 dining experiences at a location before writing about it. Life is too short.


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