T's Restaurant
1059 Park Ave
Cranston, RI 02910

Eat'n Park with an Italian influence. If you aren't from Western Pennsylvania, that remark probably doesn't make any sense. Think a dineresque family restaurant, kinda like a Cumberland Farms or Denny's.

Another week, another lunch out with the guys from work. Though this week, half the group ended up having "breakfast" for lunch in the form of giant omelets. The rest of us went for more traditional fare, though all with interesting names, such as the "the Supermodel", "Big Mambo".

Mine was the Big Mambo, a new to me, interpretation of a classic eggplant sandwich. Not an eggplant parm, per se, with no tomato sauce, but rather with bread slathered in a very well put together pesto sauce (disclosure, I'm not a fan of pesto, in general). The eggplant was well fried, the breading being nice and crisp, only mildly oily, and the eggplant cooked to to perfect tenderness without going all the way to mush. For a side I chose the squash seasonal without asking, expecting a fried squash, instead receiving a delicious cup of cubed, sweet butternut squash and raisins. While the squash didn't accompany the sandwich very well, the sweetness being too much of a contrast to the flavors of the sandwich, neverless an excellent preparation.

I apparently had a very disorganized brain, as I also decided to try the eggnog flavored coffee that was on offer. The flavor wasn't strong enough for me to really notice it, but the smell was there, inspiring me to start plotting my eggnog batches over the next several months.

The omelets were huge and reported as delicious. The sausage and cheese omelet reported to contain "real" sausage, instead of some frozen prepackaged food service item.

Atmosphere is typical family restaurant, nothing particularly special to call it out, breakfast served all day, coffee freely flowing (including eggnog and gingerbread flavors).

Price Range: $7-10 for lunch entrees, $5-10 for breakfast items.

Recommended? Yes.

Date of Dining: December 5, 2008
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