Rick's Roadhouse

Rick's Roadhouse

370 Richmond Street
Providence, RI 02903

As a lover of BBQ (and Asian and Indian and ... ) I'm shocked that I hadn't even thought to try to find a good place to get a pork sandwich, ribs or chicken. And thanks to a good friend having a birthday, and loving NC style Q, I've now been educated to one of the offerings in Providence for this fine and distinctly American cuisine.

First off, I don't think I've ever been to a restaurant that offered tasting flights of Bourbon, Whiskey and Tequilas on their drink menu. A great idea, and well received by the birthday boy who is deeply into Whiskey and its various styles. The rest of the drink menu is nothing to be ignored, with a draft list not typical of most local places.

The menu ranges from $5 dollar burgers and sandwiches up to a $19 combo plate. One highlight is a reinterpretation of a Cuban sandwich with pulled pork. The menu is presented with tongue firmly in cheek section headings and item names. Reports from my fellow diners is that the beef brisket is excellent as either a sandwich or entree. The quantity of food served is reasonable and easily eaten in a single sitting without feeling stuffed.

As is typical of any quality BBQ place, sauces were on the table in unmarked squeeze bottles. In Rick's case, there are only two sauces, a sweet-spicy and a sweet sauce. Both were very good, though I could have wished for a little wider variety, such as a vinegary sauce.

I opted to go to the expensive end of the menu and ordered the chicken and baby back ribs combo platter. Accompanied with excellent BBQ beans, which seemed to be about equal parts beans and pulled pork and a somewhat sweet cabbage and carrot slaw, the dish was great. The chicken thigh and leg meat nearly fell of the bone on its own, tasted good on its own and went well with the table sauces. The ribs seemed to me to be a bit on the dry side, but tasted excellent and worked equally well plain or with the table sauces, with a slight preference for the sauces to kick up the moisture.

A table companion ordered a side of Mac and Cheese for the table and none were disappointed with this heavy, creamy, cheesy dish. Large elbows, abundant, creamy yet thick cheese sauce made this tastes like a well prepared version of a stove top Mac and Cheese. Way better than a boxed mix, not quite as good as a slightly dryer and crisp top baked, but still superb.

After a hearty meal, a couple of handfuls of fresh peanuts and a large beer for me, we skipped dessert.

Price Range: $6 - $20

Recommended? Great BBQ and Staff, Go!

Date of Visit: July 29, 2008
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